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What better way to ensure your IoT Lead Generation strategy is ready to go than with our ultimate checklist.

As you know, IoT is shaking the very foundations of the world we know. From cities to home appliances, IoT Solutions are impacting our lives. The total number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is expected to hit 10 billion by 2020 (IoT Analytics, 2018). Therefore, it’s essential that your IoT solution Lead Generation strategy can successfully take your product to market.

To ensure your IoT lead generation strategy is ready, we’ve created a checklist you can use.

IoT Lead Generation Checklist

Now, this may seem obvious, but it’s crucial that you’ve built a comprehensive list of target accounts that you know your IoT solution fits.

All too often, we’ve seen IoT lead generation strategies quickly undone due to lack of prior research conducted determining the need for the target accounts.

Spending that extra amount of time diving into target accounts product portfolio will allow you to establish a list that you can target with confidence.

While the uptake of IoT Solutions is happening rapidly, and the majority of buyers expect that IoT Solutions will improve their efficiency with operations management (The Innovation Group).
Some apparent issues have arisen.

Due to the immaturity of IoT solutions, many organisations have yet to create a centralised unit which deals with IoT procurement. Due to the wide application and functionality of IoT Solutions, they have become valuable to many parts of organisations.

For example, If you provide a remote sensing and monitoring solution to, say, an industrial grade washing machine manufacturer, the data collected would be valuable to the after-sales team, the product design team, and the sales and marketing teams.

For your IoT lead Generation strategy to succeed, your value proposition needs to focus specifically on target account paint points rather than product features.

Given the challenges mentioned above, your IoT lead generation strategy needs to be able to communicate your solution effectively.

Now, according to FC Business Intelligence, the top challenge for adopting IoT solutions is understanding the technology, followed by legacy systems and then security. (55% understanding the technology, 39% legacy systems, 33% security). Combining this with the decentralised procurement issue, you need to produce content which addresses the different needs of each stakeholder using educational content.

However, with such an array of stakeholders, technical and non-technical, you need to present the right material to the right person at the right time. A technical stakeholder could potentially benefit from a data/spec sheet. Whereas, a non-technical stakeholder would prefer a use case. Whichever content you choose to produce it needs to provide information that will help them understand the value and benefits of IoT. As well as this, the content must provide information about the reasons for investing in IoT.

While it’s excellent creating educational content that informs your prospect, it’s wasted if it’s not visible across search engines. If you’re looking for your content to convince and convert it needs to rank high on SERP’s.

To did this, establish common keywords that your audience uses when searching the web. Ensure these keywords frequently feature across your content. Doing this will drive up your ranking on the SERP. Also, ensure your titles are eye-catching and enticing. Putting this in place will also drive traffic to your content.

Producing content that engages your content is excellent. However, to achieve more significant results with your IoT lead generation strategy, we advise implementing an outbound element.

To keep your efforts current, we’re not talking dated methods such as telemarketing. You need to organise your efforts to facilitate digital outbound techniques. Here, you can utilise social media channels and your list of target accounts to reach out directly to prospects.

Through working on several IoT lead generation campaigns, we’ve seen exceptional results using digital outbound techniques.


We’re witnessing exceptional growth for IoT Solutions across many industries and many sectors. Checking off each of these elements, one by one, will render your IoT lead generation strategy successful and effective.

Having a strategy you can rely on empowers you to approach the market with confidence.

With over a decade of experience building, implementing and executing B2B lead generation campaigns for some of the world largest ISV’s. Discover how we can help build you a successful IoT lead generation strategy here

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