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Think about it?

How much content have you dropped into the pool that is the internet but you haven’t been able to see the ripples? The blogs, the info-graphics, the articles, have all taken yourself and you’re team time to schedule and create. It’s driven traffic, that’s great! But really, how effective was it?

As you know, content is the backbone of any successful inbound campaign. Its what entices your target audience, its what keeps your current customers engaged and coming back for more. When we think about creating content, we are, from the beginning, thinking about the end user. How will it be received? Will it resonate? As content creators, these are the thoughts we have every time.

Imagine, however; we knew how the end user felt? Could we build a better picture of their thoughts? Well, this is the power of content measuring and becoming content intelligent.

Did you know?

62.5% of content leaders and teams do not regularly evaluate or measure content effectiveness and success (Content-Science). However, those that do, increasingly see more successful results from their content operation. Teams who regularly evaluate content effectiveness are three times more likely to report very or hugely successful content operations.

That’s huge!

By not collecting or analysing the data from your content, you’re increasing the risk of missing critical opportunities to develop your ability to create content that works, is successful and truly resonates with your target audience. Having the intelligence to do that is sure to increase your business growth. So, what can you do to start measuring your content effectiveness and success?

All the Tools you need!

Thankfully, there is a wide variety of tools that can do what you need. All of the following tools possess analytical features;

NewCred – This tools will help you manage your entire content marketing. You can plan, create, publish, and measure your content marketing efforts from one dashboard. NewsCred’s algorithms suggest relevant content along the way, and their content analytics push users to keep audience first and target the influencers in your category through insights into their user journeys.

Contently – Contently provides insight into how content is affecting your business results with a focus on attention time, finish and engagement rates, return visits, and social actions. They also focus on showcasing how your in-depth content such as white papers, case studies, e-books, and slideshows are performing page by page.

ContentWRX – A content effectiveness tool with a simple JavaScript code that will net real-time reactions and analytics from your website users so you can pinpoint what content is working and what isn’t. Your custom dashboard then provides a score broken down into categories with custom recommendations and resources produced so you can continually improve your content.

It’s time to get intelligent about your content! The benefits are there. You’ve just yet to realise them.

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