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Through building several OEM lead generation campaigns, there’s no doubt that whether you’re a multi-national or a start-up ISV, securing an OEM Partnership is an extremely efficient route to market. OEM Partnerships have an array of benefits such as;

  • Gaining access to new markets;
  • Integration into a solution that might be either extremely difficult to create by the vendor, it takes too long or costs too much;
  • Market expertise or even an existing market that is open to next-generation products;
  • Access to a vast range of indisposable resources such as marketing, sales, branding, distribution, capital.

Such advantages are exceedingly lucrative, which is why you need a robust OEM Lead Generation Strategy. OEM Lead Generation requires a slightly different approach compared with tradition lead generation.

Think about it? You’re not merely looking to acquire a new customer. You’re looking to enter into a partnership. It’s critical that your OEM Lead Generation strategy reflects this.

So, what can you do to create a successful OEM Lead Generation Strategy?


First things, first. Having worked on several OEM Lead Generation campaigns, a critical component is positioning. Knowing your market ensures your campaigns design, implementation and execution are sufficient. To achieve this, you must;

  • Know what your company wants from the relationship;
  • Have a clear value proposition and a clear understanding of your solutions position in the market. For example, what is the competition, and how does it differentiate?;
  • Develop a proposition that appeals to the partner. It could be a combination of incentives such as cost reduction, time to market etc.;
  • Distinguish your key assets – Identifying, exploiting and protecting your key assets will allow you to present a comprehensive proposal. Consider your current patents, know-how, reputation, branding etc.;
  • Determine your limitations – You must be clear on what you are prepared to comprise on and what is non-negotiable. It must be agreed upon before the engagement not during negotiations.

As we know, it’s very much out with the old, in with the new. Traditional lead generation techniques, such as telemarketing are flailing. Phones are going unanswered, and those who persist are fast becoming antagonists. Today, the focus very much surrounds content.

Think about it?

CIO’s, CTO’s and Product Directors in OEM’s are actively searching the web for solutions. They no longer rely on phone calls or mail to be informed. Therefore, it’s critical that your OEM lead generation strategy contains educational and authoritative content.

Blogs alone aren’t going to cut it here. Remember your audience. You need to build and distribute, use cases; white papers; product specifications; webinars; and data sheets. When creating this content, focus on providing solutions to the OEM pain points.

Once you have created your compelling content, OEM Lead Generation strategy must determine distribution. Here, you must concentrate your efforts on your social media channels.

I’m sure you have company social media profiles. Once you’ve uploaded your content on your website, you can begin to distribute it across your social media channels. Considering this content will be targeted at CIO, CTO’s and Product Directors utilising LinkedInTwitter and Facebook should be your primary channels of choice.

Each channel has its advantages. Remember to exploit LinkedIn groups. Discover the related groups where your audience is likely to reside and request to join. We recommend joining approximately 20 similar groups. Posting your content here is a more direct method of reaching your audience while sharing it through your company page. Furthermore, remember to utilise twitter # function to achieve greater reach.

Sharing your content across your social media channels will be extremely efficient for reaching large numbers of your audience. However, to succeed in OEM Lead generation, each piece of content you produce needs to be optimised ready for the search engines. Your content needs to visible across, GoogleYahoo and Bing.

To did this, establish common keywords that your audience uses when searching the web. Ensure these keywords frequently feature across your content. Doing this will drive up your ranking on the SERP. Also, ensure your titles are eye-catching and enticing. Putting this in place will also drive traffic to your content.

While traditional outbound marketing techniques such as telemarketing and email marketing may be flailing. Modern, digital outbound techniques are yielding exceptional results.

Instead of picking up the phone, reach out socially. LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to open dialogue with several prospects via it’s messaging function.

We recommend distinguishing a list of target accounts you wish to partner. Within these accounts identify key contacts and connect with them. Once connected, you can begin to communicate with your prospect. You can use the time to point them towards your content and also present your proposition to partner.

As you can see, the steps are simple. Like anything, it just requires time and effort. However, as the saying goes ‘you reap what you sow’. Following these five steps will allow you to build an OEM Lead Generation strategy that works. Start building yours now.

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