4 Reasons Your
Campaigns are Failing

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Think about it? How many times have you sat there scratching your head confused as to why your lead generation campaigns have amounted to nothing.
In the beginning, you were so confident.
You crafted a campaign with all the essential ingredients.
You specified the ideal target audience and designed captivating messaging.
Nevertheless, your results are better left forgotten.

Well, guess what? You’re not alone. There’s a range of marketers out there who have made the same mistakes. In their wake, they have left a trail of failed lead generation campaigns.

I have no doubt that every campaign will have failed due to one or a combination of several of the following reasons.


The most common reason we have seen lead generation campaigns fail is teams not following up qualified leads. You could have constructed, and seamlessly executed a well thought out campaign. Regardless, your leads will be lost and your efforts wasted if your teams are unable to follow up efficiently.

To prevent losing leads, you need to put in place a structured inbound marketing strategy. Two crucial elements you need to focus on is a lead scoring system and appropriate content. Once you have a qualified lead, they need to be scored to determine their position in the buying cycle. At every stage in the buying cycle, you need content which is generated to keep your leads engaged.

Another common cause in failing lead generation campaigns is the disparity between the sales and marketing teams. Often, we have found that Marketing has been unable to brief the Sales team adequately. As a result, the Sales team has a lack of understanding regarding the campaign which leads to an array of issues.

To ensure your lead generation campaigns perform optimally, you must establish clear lines of communication between your Marketing and Sales team. There needs to be a precise method created that allows Marketing to effectively de-brief Sales. This will eliminate the possibility of confusions.

It seems so obvious. However, something which is to neglect is the pitch. Every outbound lead generation campaign has one. We stated that a lack of alignment between marketing and sales could result in an array of issues. Well, one of them is the weak execution of the pitch.
If the sales team don’t understand the product or worse, they don’t understand the audience. It’s simple. Your lead generation campaign will fail.

If this is the cause of your woes, then we suggest going back to basics. Take your time when crafting your pitch. Determine its precise audience and what they want to hear. Crucially, Ensure that both Marketing and Sales are on the same page regarding the campaign.

Now, this may seem ironic.
Too many leads can’t be the sign of a failing lead generation campaigns?
But really, you would be surprised the number of times we have worked with businesses inundated with leads that they genuinely forget to reach out and follow up those new leads.

You need to ensure that the volume of leads being sent over to sales is in a balanced format so that they can adequately respond, follow-up and deal with everything. Don’t get too greedy and push too many leads to your sales team.


When you begin to notice, your lead generation campaign falling short of the targets you set. Think back to these simple and easy to fix issues. Remember lead generation can only work if you have a system and process in place to manage the influx of leads.

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