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Much the same as a plant relies upon water to survive. A business depends on new leads to do the same. As B2B software marketers, we’re always hunting to find new lead sources.

Traditional efforts such as social media marketing, content creation and SEO have underpinned many of our current lead generation initiatives. While they have been successful, it’s become rather saturated.

Almost everyone is publishing high-quality content. Every firm has an SEO guru who spends hours meticulously pouring over every backlink and keyword.

Thus, we need some new lead sources.

To do this requires us to think a little outside the box.

Here are three new lead sources for B2B Software Marketers

Three unexpected Lead Sources

In recent posts, we have highlighted the importance of utilising Quora as a method of lead generation.

Quora is an online question and answer website. Members can post questions and provide insights to like-minded individuals or individuals who work in the same field.

What makes it such a powerful tool for lead generation is the ability to sift through the question posted by members. Through searching through the questions, you can unearth the ones most relevant to you. Questions where you can provide the most insight and value.

If your posting quality insights you will soon gain credibility amongst members. After giving your two pence, you can leave a link pointing to related content or your website itself. Click-through rates can be surprisingly high as members seek further information.

Many people have a “set it and forget it” mentality when it comes to their email signature, but it can serve a bigger purpose when updated frequently with valuable information. In addition to contact information, the signature gives readers a chance to learn more about you, your company, or provide them with a useful resource.

If you’ve ever wished that more of your email correspondents would become paying customers, linking to your landing page in your email signature can be a great way to do this. With this tactic, you can promote your products or services in a way that doesn’t come across as pushy — since you’re putting the link in front of them without explicitly asking for them to click it.

Again, in recent posts, we have highlighted the ability to convert more visitors to leads by using Live Chat technology.

Live Chat technology can be used to prompt a response in real-time from visitors to your website.
For example, if a visitor has spent approximately a minute on a specific page. You can set the live chat to pop up and offer assistance. Providing this service can nudge the visitor down the buying cycle into a qualified lead.

Combining those three Lead sources and integrating them with your current lead generation strategy will deliver you stronger results. Of course, each will require an investment of some form. Whether it be time or financial, you will need to change your approach.

However, in this highly competitive environment, deploying such techniques will give you a competitive edge.

As you may be able to see, there is a common theme amongst these approaches. Throughout all three, each of them is more personal.

While exploiting new lead sources is advantageous. Overall, your main goal should be to become more personal. B2B marketers must seek to break the mould and deliver a more intimate experience to all prospects.

Just because we’re B2B, at the end of the day we’re still dealing with individuals.

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